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  • Common Name:
  • Trifloxystrobin
  • Chemical Name:
  • Methyl(2E)-(methoxyimino)(2-{[({(1E)-1-[3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]ethylidene}amino)oxy]methyl}phenyl)ethanoate
  • CAS RN:
  • 141517-21-7
  • Molecular Formula:
  • C20H19F3N2O4
  • Structure:
  • Appearance:
  • White crystalline powder
  • Specification:
  • Content ≥ 95%
  • Mechanism of Action:
  • Inhibits mitochondrial respiration by blocking electron transfer at the Qo centre of cytochrome bc1. Mesostemic, broad-spectrum fungicide with preventive and specific curative activity and displaying rain-fastness. Redistributed by superficial vapour movement and also has translaminar activity.
  • Uses :
  • Broad-spectrum fungicide for foliar use on a wide range of agricultural and horticultural crops in temperate, sub-tropical and tropical climates in open fields or protected under glass or plastic. In Europe, its uses will be focussed on cereals (at 50 g/ha), grapes (at 187.5 g/ha), pome fruit (at 75 g/ha), and cucurbit crops (at 187.5 g/ha).Trifloxystrobin is active against fungi in all four classes - Ascomycetes, Deuteromycetes, Basidiomycetes and Oomycetes.